Thursday, December 20, 2012

12 Days - A Countdown of Holiday Ideas #6

Non-fiction is a great way to go with gifts for many emerging and reluctant readers. There are so many great books that open doors to exciting real world people, places and things and explain the mysteries of life around these young readers.

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On the sixth day of this holiday season, my loved one gave to me...

BUG SHOTS: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE BUGLY - Alexandra Siy (Holiday House)

This book has a wonderful format, something found in many of the non-fiction books from Siy, afantastic writer who has a great knack not only for appealing subject matter but a terrific ability to deliver it in a kid-friendly way. Bug Shots plays off idea of mug shots of villainous perpetrators. It is an ideal hook and format for a young, emerging reader. They can pick it up and  put it down as they like. They can find an individual topic, in this case a specific bug, read just that one, come back again and again to favorites.

This book has some of the most incredible photographs (technically, micrographs) from photographer Dennis Kunkel that will surely have youngsters showing every friend what a treasure this book is. Rumor has it, Siy and Kunkel are teaming up once again with editor Sylvie Frank at Holiday House for a spider specific book to go along with BUG SHOTS.  So keep an eye open for that one, too. 

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