Friday, October 12, 2012

WRITERS' BLOCK: What's in my pocket?

In anticipation of the upcoming movie, I was rereading The Hobbit with my son. We came up to the famous riddle scene between Bilbo and Gollem when Bilbo off-handedly asks, "What's in my pocket?"

I'm told I was the biggest collector as a kid. I'd go out to play, come home at the end of the day and empty my own pockets. At the age of four, I'd have string, a spotted rock, a feather or a bottle-cap. One summer day, as my family members have noted, I had a frog. Unfortunately, a four-year-old's pocket is not the natural habitat for amphibeans. I didn't do it out of meanness, rather love. I loved that frog and wanted to keep him. On a farm far from the next neighbors over and with three sisters and no brothers, I was just looking for a friend. It was so tramatic to lose him.

That real emotion of a child is what gives life to our stories. I think in general, we humans are collectors. It's interesting to see in what we invest emotionally.

Your male character arrives home from school or play. What is in his pockets?

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